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Imago Relationship Therapy

As an Imago therapist, I help individuals and couples to:

  • Understand how the mind and brain work in relationship
  • Develop communication skills that will impart safety, connection and well-being
  • Establish and/or strengthen trust
  • Add excitement and deepen true intimacy
  • Learn skills for maintaining relational and brain health.

I have been a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist for more than a decade.

I use the Imago approach in many applications: in pre-marital counseling, couples’ and individual counseling. Using an Imago technique called Intentional Dialogue, I will teach you to have “safe conversations.” You will learn to eliminate blaming, shaming or criticizing your partner and you will also be able to share your feelings and your vulnerability, to speak in a manner that allows you to be heard and understoodand, and to become a competent and focused listener who is able to hear your partner in a manner that promotes closeness and connection.

I consider myself to be a facilitator who guides and teaches clients to discover and access the emotional tools they have to understand their relationships in a different way. I assist clients in honoring and respecting their uniqueness and their differences while building bridges to their partners and to their authentic selves. I instruct individuals and couples to use a simple respectful way of speaking and listening that can greatly impact their lives.